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Flower Arranging – an essay by Kath Crompton

The art of Flower Arranging has a long history, dating back c2000 years. In the ancient world Greek, Roman and Chinese dynasties each had their own individual style of this art form as did the Italian Renaissance, Tudor, Dutch and Flemish in the Middle Ages. Later came the ‘New World’ American and Colonial styles and, in our own country, periods were named after the era’s ruling Monarch i.e. Georgian, Victorian and Edwardian.
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Daffodil Key

Designed to give some guidance to exhibitors in the Narcissi Classes in our Spring Show. The green classifications refer to the various classes in our Show Schedule which are explained in words and images to help in deciding the most appropriate class to enter.
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Arnside Horticultural Society working with Arnside Allotment Association need your help. We need bee friendly plants and/or seeds to establish A Bee Garden in the Allotments.
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